ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

an hour and a half drive from the hotel to the church...maybe it's the heavy downpour or quezon city's crazy traffic jam or perhaps it's just, well, that darn far...whichever it is, it ain't something i will recommend.

hey, kix tavora photography's got a new name, resonance, check it out. i'm telling you, we've been in a lot of weddings together and still i see my main man getting better.

it's the 88's all 'cause of you. very nice song, my kinda music. it was a last minute change. on the contrary to what you might think, last minute changes make everything better.

what else, what else, hmmmm...pardon me, i can't say a lot of stuff today, i'm in a hurry. i have a game to catch and the ball has just been tipped. it's ateneo-lasalle one last time this season for a slot in the uaap finals. go green...

oh yeah, i almost forgot, coz it got me thinking, it must've been the kiss, not the video, that brought the house down. you be the judge of that. :)

still she caught me by surprise when she graced the pages of FHM's september issue. i knew she's a model but seriously, FHM. nope, michelle madrigal ain't married yet, and i ain't talking 'bout her...but it would've been way lot cooler if i was, you think? nah! turn your copies to page ninety and bam, there she is, the perfect wife herself, paloma.
wow! she just blows you away. one day, she walks into your office, the next she's on fhm. and i'd be damned if she ain't got my ticket to the next fhm party. :)

i didn't even know until she told me about it. how sweet is she? check out her interview, i'm sure you'd want to know what she's said. grab your copies now before allan buys 'em all. :)

westgrove heights is one fine place to live in. the air is fresh, the grass is green, the sky is oh so blue. finally, i found a place away from the busy city life...i almost forgot that ayala's new 400 hectare subdivision was my office that sunday afternoon. (i would've said just part of the 400 hectare village but dave kinda drove into every street trying to figure out where the central park is located.)

it's our second time working with jayson arquiza of redefine weddings and it kinda makes it even harder to use our glidecam with him constantly teasing us how new and scratchless it is.:) luckily, dave voluntarily carried ebeth for a couple of minutes or so just to see its effect...and it is oh so smooth. (thanks to my sis for the neat gift...hmmm, fisheye and wide lenses and my birhtday and christmas...i'm just saying.)

their avp and onsite videos are coming soon. for the meantime, here's dave and ebeth's "save the date" video. just want to show you how cool the place is for a prenuptial shoot :)...and when i told you the sky was blue and the grass was green, it was an understatement.

footnote: i have added a couple of buttons: one for downloading the source video file for better quality and another for a youtube link.