ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

st. peter's parish - march 15, 2008
edsa shangri-la hotel
fernwood gardens

this last playback onsite video is (in my opinion) one of the best i ever had. if you're particular with the color quality and you've got an eye on cinematography, then i bet you're gonna like this. plus you'll get to see totally hotninang christine jacob singing with passion...yeah, like it was bulagaan all over again. :)

although the song may never be in my ipod playlist, the video still turned out to be great! see it for yourself.

the coconut palace - march 9, 2008
the manila hotel

there are these stories that are just truly unbelievable. it was during the seventies when kei and david firt hooked up, nothing serious, barely even friends, lucky to be called acquaintance...then, years passed...he was on the oher side of the world, she was in front of her computer then bam! friendster happened. the stories about "remember when" and "remember who" began and before they knew it, they're married!

...another part of this cool job i enjoy...that's how close i get with my clients (who become my friends along the way) during the biggest day of their lives. enjoy, as we did, david and kei's onsite video.

february 24, 2008 - santisimo rosario parish
manila pavillion
palacio de maynila

i got an sms from melody just before i tuck myself into sleep, about 2 am monday morning, telling me that she was so happy that they got our team for her wedding. i found myself smiling...until i realized that i just saw her down 2 full glasses of wine earlier that evening...hmmm, must've been the novelinos talking. :)

watch their onsite video, it's alcohol free...:)

february 6, 2008 - transfiguration chapel, calaruega
tagaytay country homes

a lot of my friends from dlsu were there but the time to share stories was not enought. it never is. it was the wedding day of my good buddy back in college. for the first time in two years, i got the change to cover a wedding of a friend and it was a long time coming...and the guessing game of "who's it gonna be?" is finally answered...engrs. ray and oda. :)

i was originally going for a barbie almabis but i had to change it an hour before the ceremony to a kitchie nadal because i felt the clips are gonna look better with the latter's song. plus, she's hotter too! :) either way, you gotta agree, opm rules. :)

my man erwin got me this clip i find really cool. it's right before the flower shower. it's a first person fish eye view of what's going on outside the church in 360 degrees. nice.

i was getting tired of seeing my friendster friends's "newly uploaded" photos in their wedding gown/tux and then asking myself "when the heck did she/he got married? and where the hell was i?", i'm finally in one, a beautiful one may i add, and i got the onsite video to prove it. yeah!...and by the way, the new blog ain't up yet so don't bother checking it. (you'll know what i mean after you watch the video.)

24 days after

my "happy new year" blog post is almost a month, erm, delayed. no, no, i'm not as busy as some may think, i wish i was though, but either way i've got a lot of stuff to be thankful for...i don't even know where to begin.

2007 blew me away. i gained a lot of new friends and i learned a lot. here's the list of stuff i'm very grateful for:

1. God and all the blessings that He has given me.
2. my family. the support they have given me from day 0 until right this moment is overwhelming.
3. my video team, the unsung heroes. edward and erwin, my main men, they make my life in the editing room easier. the bond and friendship that we have created makes this job, whether we eat something during the wedding day or not, way lot cooler.
4. my clients who've become my friends along the way. thank you for trusting us and believing in us. it is an honor for us to be a part of the most special day of your lives.
5. to the weddings at work community. amazing! there is no doubt that this community has been a huge part of our (and i'm sure a lot of other suppliers from photo/video to invitations and giveaways) success.
6. my photographer friends. i have a lot now and i always look forward to working with them. :)
7. jason magbanua. the one one who opened the doors. i haven't met him personally but i look forward to shaking his hand and thanking him for the wonderful opportunity that he has given to people like me. his work continues to inspire me.
8. and of course, my fiancee. the one who'll pay half of my own wedding's expenses; :) the one who pushes me to be at my best; the one who listens to me, makes me laugh, dances funny, eats "my" whole bag of snickers (with almonds), plans our hard earned summer vacations (and uses my credit card to buy tickets)...and a lot more other stuff that will surely fill this whole blog up. :) my love and my life...there i said it!!!

here's another list that i'm kinda hoping a lot of people are gonna read 'coz it's really important:
1. the promo is almost up. we'll be adjusting our prices by mid march.
2. my new blog will also be up by mid march.
3. we have set goals and raised our standards for this year. though our little company targets to expand in the future, at the moment we are limited to a number of weddings per month (this includes decembers and januarys). this is to maintain the quality and to avoid long turnover of the final video.
4. we do have plans to join a bridal fair this year, nothing specific yet but if we get lucky, we'll be at two. :)

that's it then, happy new year and we hope that you continue to visit our blog even after your wedding day. ;)

january 8, 2008 - our lady of lourdes church
pura vida villas

it was a cold tagaytay morning but the warm welcome from jay and ghie made us feel instantly at home. it was a beautiful day.

working with leah taas has always been fun. man, she's got a lot of stories and she's gonna tell all of them...or at least she'll she's got candy for everyone. :)

watch the onsite video we made for this bubbly couple.

january 6, 2008 - fernwood

the first time i met hou and merry joy was on their wedding day...and after that night, sadly, i'm not gonna be seeing them again. they're back in malaysia for their third wedding (the first was in singapore.) all i can wish them is more weddings in more countries and hopefully, their marrying each other every time. :)

i finally had the pleasure to meet randall dagooc of mango red. wow! i just couldn't get over it, and ryan ain't even there yet. mango red , baby, mango red!!! they were redefining the word non-traditional right in front of me. they make dirt, trash bags, rust and other germ infested garbage worthy of existence.

oh yeah, i almost forgot the onsite video. check out the adorable groom (who can't speak tagalog) hou and the ever so gorgeous bride, merry joy in their fairytale wedding. :)

january 5, 2008 - saints peter and paul church
manila peninsula

kin and joan will fly back to japan in a couple of days, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'd send me some super cool japanese gadget...or better yet, a hello kitty doll! :)

check out their onsite video.