ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

february 24, 2008 - santisimo rosario parish
manila pavillion
palacio de maynila

i got an sms from melody just before i tuck myself into sleep, about 2 am monday morning, telling me that she was so happy that they got our team for her wedding. i found myself smiling...until i realized that i just saw her down 2 full glasses of wine earlier that evening...hmmm, must've been the novelinos talking. :)

watch their onsite video, it's alcohol free...:)

february 6, 2008 - transfiguration chapel, calaruega
tagaytay country homes

a lot of my friends from dlsu were there but the time to share stories was not enought. it never is. it was the wedding day of my good buddy back in college. for the first time in two years, i got the change to cover a wedding of a friend and it was a long time coming...and the guessing game of "who's it gonna be?" is finally answered...engrs. ray and oda. :)

i was originally going for a barbie almabis but i had to change it an hour before the ceremony to a kitchie nadal because i felt the clips are gonna look better with the latter's song. plus, she's hotter too! :) either way, you gotta agree, opm rules. :)

my man erwin got me this clip i find really cool. it's right before the flower shower. it's a first person fish eye view of what's going on outside the church in 360 degrees. nice.

i was getting tired of seeing my friendster friends's "newly uploaded" photos in their wedding gown/tux and then asking myself "when the heck did she/he got married? and where the hell was i?", i'm finally in one, a beautiful one may i add, and i got the onsite video to prove it. yeah!...and by the way, the new blog ain't up yet so don't bother checking it. (you'll know what i mean after you watch the video.)