ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

here's a hundred percent pinoy groom; some percent chinese bride (since her last name ---soon to be maiden name--- is 'uy', i'm assuming); wearing japanese school girl/boy inspired costumes; a korean themed video; mix 'em together and what do you get? ...'asian-novela!' is the word. playback comics is back baby, manga style!!!

kidding aside, i always thought of thet as the best thing that ever happened to us. she's actually the first w@w bride who signed up for our services. i remember during that time, we only had 2 weddings, no website/blog and a couple of crappy samples. how she heard about us, i don't know; why she chose us, i have no idea. one thing's certain, she's the one bride that saw us coming even before we started our engines.

forget my wedding of the year, russell and thet's wedding is coming up and perhaps, should i not get wed, december 22, 2007 is the wedding of my life. save the date! :) (ignore all the sentimental b.s. trust me, it sounds way lot cooler and a little less girlie than it reads.)

i had my first experience of doing the onsite video in two consecutive days...and since it's gonna take a little while until the next same day edit/my next post, well,i kinda delayed uploading these videos a bit...also to let the previous videos sink in a little. :)

this avp's one's one of a kind. i remember celine asking me to come up with something sat down for a meeting, scribbled some ideas, talked about martin nievera songs, exchanged non-avp related stories of our lives, and then we came up with a script. the actual shooting ain't as easy as we thought it would be but it was fun nonetheless.

inspired by the movie down with love (i had to see it for research), watch this video and see how danz and celine wait for ultimate "date" of their lives.

***check out"the making" of this video from celina's blog! (with photos.)

november 17, 2007 - chapel on the hill
canyon woods
balay indang

remember rob thomas? the voice behind hit songs 'push', 'unwell', 'bent'? last i heard, he's doing some solo act and he's got this new song you just might want to add into your ipod. as for me, i got nothing else to do but make an onsite video out of it. :)

going back to don bosco batulao where we held our high school retreat brought back some good memories. i saw no major changes though, except of course the chapel and the cool name that it has now.

the film look, the time lapse, the first kiss, my money shot (when i caught celine inside her bridal car praying) and all the clips in between; this video goes into my 'favorite wedding videos' list. see for yourself.


chester and i will be heading to different directions. this decision has been finalized last may. this is not a result of an impulsive decision. we are parting in very good terms, and are very supportive in each other's endeavors. please note that all events before april 2008 will still be under playback productions. all events after the said date will be under the new name. the new company will carry the name PHOEBEN TEOCSON VIDEOGRAPHY. along with this, i'll be announcing new packages, promos and a new website/blog. rest assured that the quality of our services and videos will still be the same. by the way, phoeben teocson is my real name. :)

for questions and concerns, email me at