ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

october 20, 2007 - st. james the great
i'm not sure what year it was, but i'm pretty sure that batman/superman/spiderman costumes are already available that time. by some kinda freak of nature thing, red chose, well, i dunno, i'm guessing the lone ranger? i'm still not's either that or the infamous pinoy action hero weng weng in disguise. i heard that during the 70s (is it?), weng weng was so big that every little kid back then wanna be like him...just trying to make you smile dr. red.

it took me two weeks. the longest and most agonizing weeks of my short video editing career. this one's something i haven't done nor tried before. i just saw one and told myself hey, i can do that. (though i told dr. ann on our last meeting that i've done one already...she'll never know i lied.) it wasn't as easy as i thought. still, i enjoyed doing it. i didn't know that they've been together for an astonishing ten years. did you just say wow!? i did too. here's another playback first, you guys, and if by any chance you think it's good, well...we've only just begun.

i saw an onsite video almost a year ago from the pinoy master videomaker himself and it blew me away. it changed my life. i knew i gotta get me one of that. i wanted it so bad that every time i was given the green light to choose the song to use for an onsite, it's the first song that pops out of my head.

i love this couple, ann actually sent me a text message to choose from a couple of songs that she likes to be used and told me that it's up to me which one. to my surprise, she gave me the top 2 songs on my top 2 list! from the kind of songs they've been giving me, sometimes i think that they may be the ones who found the ipod that i lost a long time ago (still hurting from that one.)

on the day, i'm still undecided. should i go fast or should i go furious. one things for sure, while i was doing it, the tension was so bad i wanted to cry just to release it. i went a hundred and forty clips per minute, almost as fast as my last speeding ticket. i was thinking that i may have bitten off more than i could chew; that i wouldn't pull it off. ann's last text message "we trust you guys naman eh..." started echoing in my head. but what do you know, i survived. huh! i was exhausted though, physically and mentally. this song, ain't in my list anymore, not even on my top 100. check out the glidecam's onsite debut. enjoy the video as i enjoyed my well deserved vanilla ice cream in fresh milk.

the bellevue hotel
the good: rooms; the lobby. it's all that matters.
the bad: we can't use the elevators without the key card
the ugly: traffic at the alabang exit. always. i should've taken the service road, i believe it's much faster. :)

st. james the great, ayala alabang
the good: the long aisle; the blue carpet; the amazing interior; the amazing exterior; as expected, no hunters nor homeless people around plus it smells good inside too! more like st. james the greatest. one of the best, if not the best, we've been to.
the bad: very strict and it's kinda difficult to get good angles of the couple.
the ugly: it's so darn good that it's so painful that i can't afford to get married in it.

the palms country club
the good: it's the country club of the rich and the famous, what else?
the bad: none at all.
the ugly: just me i guess.

yesterday, after a year of absence, the green archers won their 7th men's basketball title. who would've thought, huh? i did. i knew that if there was a team that could beat the red warriors, it's the archers. after game one's victory, i knew the series was over. the other side's gotta be hurting real bad. the long drought continues for them and i doubt if the warriors can get into the finals next year. what's worse is that their gonna go to class today with long faces and, as that poor-acting-don't-show-it-again-and-on-your-way-flush-it-down-the-toilet- please uaap commercial portrays, they're gonna be having a pop quiz or two.

after they pulled that 14-0 feat, i was an instant marcy arellano fan. there was even a small voice inside my head saying it's okay if they get the trophy this time. honestly, i feel bad for ue 'coz next year's gonna be a lot tougher. lasalle's gonna have this yugoslavian kid back; simon atkins, this kid's got game, watch our for him; rico meirhoffer-whatever may have an mvp-ish season next year and i'm just talking about lasalle. i mean ateneo will come back strong, they always do; ust's got gervie cruz, this year's mvp; feu's young and very talented; the bulldogs, the falcons, the maroons gotta get some ekwe-like (foreigner center from ncaa champ san beda) know, win.

enough about yesterdays news and more on the new video. the song is a 60's classic and if you try to limewire it, you may get a dozen of different versions from a dozen different artist. got it from one of my favorite american television series "weeds." mary-louise parker - hot! it was shot at "the metropolitan's" sample skyloft (yep, even the name they call their condo unit sounds real cool). gotta get me one of those, it's just that even in my dreams, i can't afford it. watch out for junnie and jamie's avp, chester's got some crazy stuff goin' on, it's coming soon. october 27, 2007 - save the date!

Christmas Promo

merry christmas!

sleigh bells ring, are ya listening? in the lane snow
is glistening. it's a beautiful sight, we're happy
tonight, walkin' in a winter wonderland...

1. onsite avp is 50% off for 2 camera set-up packages
and bookings made on or before march 30, 2008. (your
wedding can be on 2010, sign up before april next year
and you still get the discount!)
2. 2400 lumens projector, 6 foot screen, an operator:
all for P3.5k (what better way to enjoy your discounted
onsite avp :P)

in the meadow we can build a snowman and then pretend
that he is parson brown. he'll say, "Are ya married?"
we'll say, "No man, but you can do the job while
you're in town."