ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

december 28, 2007 - our lady of consolacion parish
aberdeen court
the grand terrace

a little 300 (the movie) look and some crazy colors, stuff you've never seen before :). here's botbot and tintin's onsite video.

happy new year everyone!!!

two more videos before christmas. up first, mr. and mrs. hernandez's 'long distance' love story.

this couple is really something. see, they shot their own clips, photographed themselves, interviewed themselves, even wrote their own story board (with drawings and stuff) and when i got everything, i had nothing else left to do. i'm not really sure if i deserve some credit from this one. :)

december 22, 2007 - malate church
the manila pavillion
clamshell 2 pta tent

let's see...hmmm...enough time to transfer to four different rooms for the bride's preps; enough time to wait for kix's and ging's pictorial at baywalk; enough time to re-edit a rendered video to add clips of the first fast can i edit, you ask? well, watch this video and see for yourself...'coz i just watched it one last time before uploading it and i asked myself, 'man, did i just do that?'

it's widescreen, it's eclectic, it'll blow you away and you're gonna have to, want to, need to watch it again. i know i do. :) ok, enough bragging for me, i hate it but i can't help it. my fiancee/blog editor will surely frown once she reads this one. :)

seriously though, they have got to make this song illegal.

our prenup shoot with paul vincent felt like a glamour photo shoot. renen's jokes, on the other hand, are mind numbingly...uhm...corny. haha. :) what the heck, as long as his girlfriend of ten years is laughing, they're good to go.

here's another avp from another december 20 wedding. i love this month!!! :)

daan-daang larawan ang nagdaraan sa aking paningin, daan-daang nakaraan ibinabalik ng simoy ng hangin... darn it, it's been a couple of weeks now but this rivermaya song is still the song i'm singing while showering. i love alternative opm, i mean opm in general. i was delighted when ice actually requested a tagalog song to be used in her avp.

i'm warning you - you'll watch this video, you'll remember high school (or college) where you tried to form your own band with a couple of guitar playing friends, maybe smirk a little... and then you'll try singing like bamboo for a week or so.

i'll let the clips do the talking. watch it here.

dave and ebeth booked us on a bridal fair and from then on it was all dave (grooms today sure know what they want). he'll contact me for our multiple meetings, send me text messages for updates, call me for a little chat but he won't drop by our office at ten in the evening 'coz, well, let's just say he heard some belete drive stories. :)

reliable sources say that this couple had prenup pictorials in singapore, another in laguna with asteeg photog jayson arquiza and a couple of dozens with playback.

here's the story that led to one magical night of free starbucks coffee and unlimited tequila shots. :)

december 11, 2007 - santuario de san antonio
manila peninsula
manila polo club

a couple of weeks ago, it's just another five star hotel...then, trillanes shows up and suddenly, it's the 47th question on my future 4th grader's history exams. i was actually looking for some bullet holes but i was disappointed. little did i know that the war begins as soon as i step into the prep room.

i literally got kicked, verbally abused and tissues (in packs) where thrown at me by no other than ebeth herself. for every comment i had, the perky bride's got five. here's where the she-hulk gets her energy.

but once cecilio abad's gown was on, ebeth suddenly realized that it was her wedding day and it was the most peaceful thirty seconds of the day (how i cherish that moment). :)

at the end of the night i remember asking dave if he's happy and he answered"oo naman!". of course he is, i know he is, he just got married to one beautiful woman! i mean that, with all my heart...and fingers crossed (got you again, mrs. cenido).

here's the onsite video. what do you know? i'm a little bit country!

december 8, 2007 - our lady of guadalupe chapel
terrazas de punta fuego

another beach wedding, our third for the year!!! man, the stiff neck from that long drive is still bothering me, but i'll live. :) had the pleasure of working with kenneth uy and ems van goth.

the bride gave a new meaning to the term 'non-traditional' (even her name is spelled differently). check out her champagne colored bridal gown and her bridesmaids' dresses and soon you're gonna get yourself murmuring to yourself -- cool!

here's the onsite video of this gorgeous couple.

i was told that it's the next big hit. people are raving about it. i can even say it's 'controversial.' i'm not talking about kapamilya's piolo pascual-angel locsin upcoming teleserye, no-no. bigger!

for now, i'll tease you a little, but i promise, come the longer version, you'll be delighted. :) watch it now.

here's a hundred percent pinoy groom; some percent chinese bride (since her last name ---soon to be maiden name--- is 'uy', i'm assuming); wearing japanese school girl/boy inspired costumes; a korean themed video; mix 'em together and what do you get? ...'asian-novela!' is the word. playback comics is back baby, manga style!!!

kidding aside, i always thought of thet as the best thing that ever happened to us. she's actually the first w@w bride who signed up for our services. i remember during that time, we only had 2 weddings, no website/blog and a couple of crappy samples. how she heard about us, i don't know; why she chose us, i have no idea. one thing's certain, she's the one bride that saw us coming even before we started our engines.

forget my wedding of the year, russell and thet's wedding is coming up and perhaps, should i not get wed, december 22, 2007 is the wedding of my life. save the date! :) (ignore all the sentimental b.s. trust me, it sounds way lot cooler and a little less girlie than it reads.)

i had my first experience of doing the onsite video in two consecutive days...and since it's gonna take a little while until the next same day edit/my next post, well,i kinda delayed uploading these videos a bit...also to let the previous videos sink in a little. :)

this avp's one's one of a kind. i remember celine asking me to come up with something sat down for a meeting, scribbled some ideas, talked about martin nievera songs, exchanged non-avp related stories of our lives, and then we came up with a script. the actual shooting ain't as easy as we thought it would be but it was fun nonetheless.

inspired by the movie down with love (i had to see it for research), watch this video and see how danz and celine wait for ultimate "date" of their lives.

***check out"the making" of this video from celina's blog! (with photos.)

november 17, 2007 - chapel on the hill
canyon woods
balay indang

remember rob thomas? the voice behind hit songs 'push', 'unwell', 'bent'? last i heard, he's doing some solo act and he's got this new song you just might want to add into your ipod. as for me, i got nothing else to do but make an onsite video out of it. :)

going back to don bosco batulao where we held our high school retreat brought back some good memories. i saw no major changes though, except of course the chapel and the cool name that it has now.

the film look, the time lapse, the first kiss, my money shot (when i caught celine inside her bridal car praying) and all the clips in between; this video goes into my 'favorite wedding videos' list. see for yourself.