ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

february 24, 2008 - santisimo rosario parish
manila pavillion
palacio de maynila

i got an sms from melody just before i tuck myself into sleep, about 2 am monday morning, telling me that she was so happy that they got our team for her wedding. i found myself smiling...until i realized that i just saw her down 2 full glasses of wine earlier that evening...hmmm, must've been the novelinos talking. :)

watch their onsite video, it's alcohol free...:)


Melody said...

hi bim, you're so funny!!! i was just a little tipsy that night lang noh! anyway, i really tried not to cry while walking down the aisle, i also tried to stop my tears when the father give his preach, super try not to cry for the whole evening coz my make up might be ruined, pero when i saw the onsite wala na akong choice kasi hindi ko na napigilan to cry, then i realize i have a very wonderful wedding, i married the man i love for more than 7 years, then i realize how beautiful our onsite kasi un lang talaga ang nagpa cry sa akin. kaya when I said I am happy to get your team, uulitin ko super! Thanks Bim! my wedding will not be the same without Playback!

Anonymous said...

I'm a close friend of Melody's cousin,Lenny. I think you did a great job with their onsite video. I'm still web shopping for my near future wedding to my wonderful fiance. I thank GOD that Melody made this supplier comments about her suppliers. I might have just found the one that I want for my videographer for my wedding. Good Job Playback Videography! Keep up the good work.