ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

december 11, 2007 - santuario de san antonio
manila peninsula
manila polo club

a couple of weeks ago, it's just another five star hotel...then, trillanes shows up and suddenly, it's the 47th question on my future 4th grader's history exams. i was actually looking for some bullet holes but i was disappointed. little did i know that the war begins as soon as i step into the prep room.

i literally got kicked, verbally abused and tissues (in packs) where thrown at me by no other than ebeth herself. for every comment i had, the perky bride's got five. here's where the she-hulk gets her energy.

but once cecilio abad's gown was on, ebeth suddenly realized that it was her wedding day and it was the most peaceful thirty seconds of the day (how i cherish that moment). :)

at the end of the night i remember asking dave if he's happy and he answered"oo naman!". of course he is, i know he is, he just got married to one beautiful woman! i mean that, with all my heart...and fingers crossed (got you again, mrs. cenido).

here's the onsite video. what do you know? i'm a little bit country!


gen said...

congratulations dave and ebeth! =) para san yung red bull? hehe..

ebeth said...

inabuso ba kita? masyado lang akong natuwa sayo. hahahaha! :-) yun ang tinatawag na carino brutal. hahaha! seriously, dave & i would like to thank you for the super nice avp and onsite video. sooooobrang sulit! sa binyag ulit ha? hahaha!

phoeben said...

haha. :) sige sa binyag ulit. sana quintuplets agad para todo na. :)

ebeth said...

gen, para lumakas ako kasi nanghina ako sa pambubugbog kay bim. hahaha! joke lang un. sya lang ang napagbuntungan ko ng nerbyos ko nung araw na yun. tsk tsk tsk.. kawawang bim. pasensya na bim ha. hehehe.. bim, ayoko ng quintuplets, wag ka naman mag wish ng ganyan, kundi ikaw mag aalaga ng iba. hahahaha!

gen said...

ebeth pahingi nalang daw ng isa. yung may spots! =)sobrang nag-enjoy si bim sa wedding nyo.dapat nilagyan mo ng black eye.haha..happy honeymoon! =)