ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

we've watched this video a dozen times and it still cracks us up. check out this one of a kind love story. believe what you want, and we're sorry karen, but we like decs' story better. check the angles, check the inserts, listen to the music from the 80s. sometimes the simpler the avp, the harder it rocks!!!

one korina sanchez question is left to ask...are you ready?

Download file here.

march 10, 2007 you've gotta agree with me, karen looks gorgeous in her elegant wedding gown...and dexter, well, he's a really funny guy...and...uhm...very good looking too!

missed my girlfriend's birthday with this one.

Download file here.

hmmm...and to melody (she's a frequent shout box shouter in our blog who wished us luck twice before this onsite) this one's for you and we hope it is worth the wait.

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