ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

ah, brides these days, they'll bring out the best in you. during our first meeting, paloma wanted to see samples of our avps. so i showed her the one with the cartoon and she went "that's the one i want, do the exact same thing to my avp..." no problems there, until i showed her the other one...

so she got herself a korina sanchez impersonator, hired a suite at astoria plaza, wore her humongous diamond engagement ring...and then we shot the interview. darn, i hate it when it sounds like everything was that easy.

Download file here.

people were asking when is the next video coming out. i could've posted a couple of highlights last april but you know, there was the holy week and i went out of town and, uhm... female network. i got hooked reading the celebrity gabfest section, a lot of interesting stuff.

she's rock n' roll. i mean, who else would've wanted bittersweet symphony for her onsite? i love the studeybaker shot at the end, kinda like a mafia movie. and the wedding itself, kinda like a mafia movie wedding. and by the way, those are diamond earrings on allan kinda like a real mafioso. was that redundant?

If you're wondering where you saw paloma before, perhaps here. (I was kinda hoping i'd get a free trucker cap for advertising their site.)

it was very long day.(by the way, we consumed 7 mini dv tapes that day) i'm just glad i was home in time to see wendy of pinoy big brother get booted out. yeah baby, life is good.

Download file here.

oh, and by the way, the elections are coming up. i mean seriously, are you gonna vote the dude whose ad says "MARAMING BASKETBOLAN ANG NAPAGAWA NIYA..." now that's something to brag about.

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