ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

i felt a gut wrenching pain. like i was kicked in the nuts, watching the smuggled ferrari getting crushed on television. damnit! now i'm depressed. one thing left to do...a tribute to all the innocent cars bulldozed for no reason.

watch as the day turns to dusk in this simple photo slideshow especially made for ron and michelle, who works for universal motors and volvo respectively.

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did you know that when a wedding is held in a garden or at the beach or anywhere outdoor, it most probably be a christian wedding. and we've been to a lot of christian weddings but we still felt that there was something different when one is held indoor. here's one solemn onsite.

Watch this video in YouTube.

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