ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.

yesterday, after a year of absence, the green archers won their 7th men's basketball title. who would've thought, huh? i did. i knew that if there was a team that could beat the red warriors, it's the archers. after game one's victory, i knew the series was over. the other side's gotta be hurting real bad. the long drought continues for them and i doubt if the warriors can get into the finals next year. what's worse is that their gonna go to class today with long faces and, as that poor-acting-don't-show-it-again-and-on-your-way-flush-it-down-the-toilet- please uaap commercial portrays, they're gonna be having a pop quiz or two.

after they pulled that 14-0 feat, i was an instant marcy arellano fan. there was even a small voice inside my head saying it's okay if they get the trophy this time. honestly, i feel bad for ue 'coz next year's gonna be a lot tougher. lasalle's gonna have this yugoslavian kid back; simon atkins, this kid's got game, watch our for him; rico meirhoffer-whatever may have an mvp-ish season next year and i'm just talking about lasalle. i mean ateneo will come back strong, they always do; ust's got gervie cruz, this year's mvp; feu's young and very talented; the bulldogs, the falcons, the maroons gotta get some ekwe-like (foreigner center from ncaa champ san beda) know, win.

enough about yesterdays news and more on the new video. the song is a 60's classic and if you try to limewire it, you may get a dozen of different versions from a dozen different artist. got it from one of my favorite american television series "weeds." mary-louise parker - hot! it was shot at "the metropolitan's" sample skyloft (yep, even the name they call their condo unit sounds real cool). gotta get me one of those, it's just that even in my dreams, i can't afford it. watch out for junnie and jamie's avp, chester's got some crazy stuff goin' on, it's coming soon. october 27, 2007 - save the date!


gen said...

cute! cute! cute! :)

Jamie said...


By the way, you've got good (and good looking) actors ;) (ehem!)

kei said...

really nice! i like!