ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!!! our new home is up!!! we're very proud to say that we've grown a little bigger and a whole lot better. see you on the other side.


chester and i will be heading to different directions. this decision has been finalized last may. this is not a result of an impulsive decision. we are parting in very good terms, and are very supportive in each other's endeavors. please note that all events before april 2008 will still be under playback productions. all events after the said date will be under the new name. the new company will carry the name PHOEBEN TEOCSON VIDEOGRAPHY. along with this, i'll be announcing new packages, promos and a new website/blog. rest assured that the quality of our services and videos will still be the same. by the way, phoeben teocson is my real name. :)

for questions and concerns, email me at